Residential Services

Live life your way in a group home that matches your abilities.

Group homes that help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live a more independent lifestyle.

Housing For Adults With Disabilities

  • Build life skills.

    We work with residents to develop important life skills needed for independent living like cooking, cleaning, self-care, communication, and more.

  • Enjoy community life.

    Residents are active in their community. They visit local establishments like restaurants and shopping centers, enjoy nearby attractions, and regularly engage in community events.

  • Have peace of mind.

    All homes are provided with 24 hour supervision for the safety and wellness of our residents, including CILA supervisors and an on-call nurse.

  • Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs)

    We have 40 Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) homes that house over 200 residents across Illinois

    Each of our homes are adapted and personalized to meet each resident’s lifestyle, as well as their physical and emotional needs. Each home is shared among 2-8 peers who share responsibility for all activities within their home.

    Our trained staff teach and guide each person to be as independent as possible, learning new skills in self-care, cooking, cleaning, money management and how to be a good citizen.

  • Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs)

    Many people with I/DD dream of having their own home. Our Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) make that dream a reality for adults with mild developmental disabilities.

    Residents live independently in a home or apartment, sometimes with one or more roommates. Just like CILAs, services are customized to each person’s needs.

    Our experienced staff will provide as-needed training and assistance with all aspects of living independently: including cooking and cleaning skills, transportation, medical needs, making and keeping appointments, grocery shopping, paying bills, and more.


    “My goal was to become more independent, and now I’ve moved into my own house! I like that we go on outings a lot, and my peers are on my level. I always look forward to CTF services and sometimes enjoy it so much I don’t even want to go home!”

    Day Program Participant

    “CTF has been instrumental in helping me build confidence and work towards achieving my GED. They have also supported me in feeling more comfortable within the community alone and with the other ladies in my home, without always relying on others to help me.

    They are now in the process of assisting me in finding employment opportunities within my community. “


Group homes close to home.

Our 32 community homes are conveniently located across Illinois,
so your loved one can stay close to home.

Home Based Services (HBS)

Enjoy home- and community based services for children and adults who live at home with their families. We’ll pair you with a Case Manager who will get to know you and your loved one and develop a custom plan of care.

Services we help to facilitate include, in home support, community day and employment services, therapy, navigating the access payment system, or help obtaining adaptive equipment and home accessibility modifications.

You case manager will provide 3 service facilitation hours a month to monitor the effectiveness of your plan and make any necessary adjustments to keep your loved one on their path to independence.


    “I genuinely appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff at my house. They are truly awesome, and their support has made a positive impact on my daily life.

    We participate in a variety of activities together, and I cherish the opportunities we have to interact with and contribute to our own community.

    I have been making tremendous strides in acclimating to my new home, despite the occasional pangs of unease that accompany such significant changes. I feel calm and content in my home, and I cannot imagine a more ideal living situation than the one I currently enjoy.”

    Day Program Participant

    “I like living here. I like being with my staff and housemates. I like being able to go out to the community and go shopping. And I like that I’ve been able to get a job and make money thanks to CTF.

    Living here has made me more independent. I like where I live, and I feel good about the choice I made to live at CTF.”


    “Allie arrived yesterday at her new home… What a moment! I never saw her so happy.
    She can’t wait to take the “CTF van” and get started. Allie has loved going to the mall, the park, and bowling with her new friends.
    Thank you for all your help with her and making her case a priority!

    CTF Employee About Allie a CILA resident

An independent lifestyle is a few steps away.

  • Contact us to explore your options.

    Tell us about your goals and how we can help.

  • Create a plan of care.

    We’ll create a customized plan of care for your loved one, according to their unique abilities.

  • Flourish in your community.

    See your loved one build independence and grow in confidence.

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